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Over the years I’ve recorded many events that Peace Alliance Winnipeg (PAW) has organized and/or co-sponsored. I’ve begun to put copies of these on the Peace Alliance Winnipeg YouTube Channel, which I encourage you to visit and to share.

Back in 2010, PAW hosted a huge public meeting with British political figure George Galloway, who visited Winnipeg near the end of his “Free Afghanistan, Free Palestine, Free Speech” Canadian tour. In those days, YouTube videos were restricted to being 10 minutes long, and so to present something like the Galloway event, I had to post it in segments. Happily long form videos have become the norm. And so, I re-edited the Galloway video and have posted it in its more complete form on PAW’s YouTube Channel.

Even though it is almost 13 years old, Galloway’s speech continues to be relevant. As well, he is one hell of an orator. Eloquent. Inspiring. A force of nature. I hope that you watch it and share it widely.