Free Speech for Peace

Posted: April 6, 2023 in Nibbling on The Empire, Peace, War, Winnipeg
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Free Speech for Peace was presented by Ethnorama News Winnipeg and Al Cafe and recorded at Winnipeg’s historic Ukrainian Labour Temple on March 31, 2023.

The event arose out of a need to raise money to sustain this alternative publication when key advertisers (local NDP Members of Parliament) opted to stop advertising because they disagreed with some of its content. (If you want to know more, watch the video.)

The Ukrainian Festival Choir

Speakers emphasized the need to support media that provide informed alternatives to the mainstream news media in their role as stenographers to the ruling class. But, of course we knew all of that; that’s why we were there. The evening was well attended, entertaining and informative — and featured excellent performances by the Ukrainian Festival Choir, the Quedel Dancers, Rodrigo Muñoz of Papa Mambo fame, and the ever popular Raging Grannies of Winnipeg.

At the close of the evening, journalist, lawyer and peace activist Dimitri Lascaris spoke to the audience in a pre-recorded video about his upcoming fact-finding mission to Russia and the ever-present need for people to find ways to speak with their adversaries.

Listening to Dimitri reminded me of how much better Canada’s Green Party’s politics would have developed had he succeeded in becoming party leader in 2020. Maybe the party would have continued to support nonviolence. But I digress . . .

Proceeds of the evening went to support the publication of Ethnorama News Winnipeg. Sponsors included Las Americas and Chilean Human Rights Council, Peace Alliance Winnipeg, the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, Migrante Manitoba, Al Cafe, the Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners, and Philippine Advancement through Arts and Culture.

The Raging Grannies of Winnipeg
  1. As much as I feel your positions… Ukraine- negotite, Abolish NATO, Against Can. military spending, are irrational, naive, blind to the realities of this world and pure silliness, I do think your ‘freedom of opinion’ is useful in counteracting ‘hawkish’ ideas.
    I guess altruism and faith remain strong delusions!

    • Freedom of opinion is only the beginning but it is not enough. If the mainstream media presents only one perspective, how are people able to make informed judgements on war, peace, the economy, the environment — any number of things.

      Thanks for dropping by, Shane. I’d be interested in your take on these questions (NATO, Ukraine, militarism). Dismissing mine as “irrational, naive, blind to the realities of this world and pure silliness” might be satisfying for you, but it adds nothing to my understanding (or yours, I’d wager). If you take the time to explain why your ideas are superior to mine, we might both learn something.

  2. Paul,
    a long reply deleted by your o-so-functional site.
    Suffice it to say:
    Disappointingly naive reply … Facts or opinions? You and Trump think they are the same!
    And then Pot is now legal… Lost contact with reality?
    N.B. BELIEF is NOT a substitute for fact.
    RE: “the mainstream media” You sound worse than Trump with that phrase. What conspiracy theory do you BELIEVE???

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