Help Dimitri Lascaris build Canada’s Eco-Socialist Future

Posted: September 1, 2020 in Environment, Socialism
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Winnipeg, April 24, 2019: Dimitri Lascaris speaking at a forum on Canada’s mistaken policy regarding Venezuela. Photo: Paul S. Graham

Canada’s Green Party is electing a leader to replace Elizabeth May, and the highly qualified, intelligent people who have stepped up are an impressive lot. When I think of how depressing it must be for my American friends to have to choose between Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumb in their presidential election, I am doubly happy to be a Green, in Canada, with so many excellent choices to make regarding the leadership of my party.

My choice in this race is Dimitri Lascaris. Many people will know him because of his excellent reporting for The Real News. I first encountered him in connection with Palestinian solidarity work and I’ve recorded him many times on my YouTube Channel.

Dimitri is intelligent, energetic, articulate, principled and progressive. He has an outstanding track record of speaking truth to power and winning. As a lawyer, he has fought dozens of environmental, securities, and human rights class action lawsuits. In 2012, Canadian Lawyer Magazine named him one of the 25 most influential lawyers in Canada. He has participated in many popular movements, helping to organize protests and petitions and providing pro bono legal support. He has also served as the Justice Critic for the Green Party of Canada and the Parti Vert du Québec.

His understanding of the key issues of the day is both broad and deep. His eco-socialist vision is well articulated in his leadership platform, and so, I have quoted from it below.

“The climate emergency requires us to reorganize our society and its relation with nature. Our current arrangements burden the earth with growing economic and social inequities. Human societies must be reorganized for sustainability, restoring the commons while leaving ample scope for well regulated and appropriate private enterprise, large and small, particularly family owned and local firms.” Read more.

Foreign Policy
“We imagine our foreign policy has promoted peace, human rights and democracy. However, first as part of the British Empire and then in close alliance with the United States, Canada has historically created and reinforced relations of domination in the world order, leading to ecological damage, wars and human rights violations. In today’s multipolar world, such a policy is more dangerous than ever. We propose its replacement by a foreign policy that genuinely promotes peace, full disarmament, sustainable development, human rights, and democracy.” Read more.

“Economy and ecology are inextricably intertwined. To mend our relationship with the earth, we must wrest power from private corporations and bring the economy under democratic control so that it meets human needs without exceeding the limits of our planet.” Read more.

Workers’ Rights
“Workers’ rights, both individual and collective, have deteriorated; high-quality jobs have been replaced by precarious and part-time work with few benefits and no pensions; and large corporations prey on small businesses and workers. Workers deserve a positive work environment, high wages, and freedom from discrimination.” Read more.

Justice and Police Reform
“In theory, Canadians have equal rights. In practice, they do not. . . . Ultimately, our legal system does not fulfil the basic function of a justice system: to provide citizens with security, dignity and compassion. To create an equitable society, there are seven areas of reform we need to address.” Read more.

To read the entire platform and get more information about Dimitri, follow this link.  You can also watch him in a Zoom webinar on Wed., September 2nd at 7:30 PM Central Time. To participate in this webinar, follow this link.

Help build an eco-socialist future
We face enormous problems in Canada, and world-wide. The old parties and their tired solutions will not meet the environmental, economic and social policy challenges we face. Indeed, they are to blame for many of the problems we face and more of the same is unacceptable. We need political leadership that is capable of getting to the root of the problem and articulating bold, radical policies.

I believe the Green Party has many of the policies we need to secure a sustainable future for Canadians. Under the leadership of Dimitri Lascaris, the GPC will promote the progressive eco-socialist alternative that is missing in Canadian politics.

If you are not a member of the Green Party of Canada, please consider becoming one in order to support Dimitri’s candidacy. If you decide to do so, please join by September 3, 2020 to be eligible to vote in the Leadership Election.

Membership in the Green Party of Canada costs only $10. Donations to Dimitri’s campaign of up to $500 qualify for a tax rebate of 75%. So a donation of $500 costs you only $125. A donation of $400, only $100, and a donation of $100, only $25. Please remember, small donations also help because every bit counts. So, please do what you can help Dimitri win this critical campaign.

You can become a member, and make a donation if you wish, by following this link.

Dimitri is a leader who demonstrates integrity, courage and empathy. I like him and trust him. Greens need him; Canada needs him.

Please act today.






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