The Case for Electoral Reform – AGAIN!

Posted: October 22, 2019 in Miscellany
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Once again, the results of yesterday’s federal election demonstrate the unrepresentative nature of our Parliament. It also illustrates why the Liberals, who came second in votes but first in seats, were so willing to backtrack on their 2015 promise to bring in a system of proportional representation. The chart further illustrates how ludicrously unfair the first-past-the-post system is when the Bloc Quebecois, with 7.7 per cent of the popular vote can elect 32 MPs while the Greens, with 6.5 per cent, seated only three.

You can get all the numbers at Elections Canada. After that, you may want to check out Fair Vote Canada.

  1. Bronwen Summers says:

    Interesting stuff. In Aotearoa we have now had MMP (Mixed member Proportional Representation) since 1993. In the early 2000s I worked for the Green Party in parliament. A woman battling for change in Canada came over to talk to, amongst others, the Green co-leader (Rod Donald) at the time who had played a significant part in getting us to move from FPP. Of course major parties don’t want a switch, certainly both National on the right and Labour centre left didn’t want the cosy little system to change. Unfortunately I don’t think either of the major 2 parties have really shifted their thinking from FPP. Right now we have Labour, the Greens and NZFirst (the latter an interesting mix of right and left policies – they are deeply opposed to foreign ownership of land in Aotearoa!) in a governing coalition. Over the years we have had lots of small parties enter the fray. The threshold of 5% should be lowered to 4%, this was amongst a number of recommendations made when a major review happened some years back but which has not been acted on.

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