Video: Human Rights – The Chilean Experience

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Human Rights, In Solidarity, Nibbling on The Empire, Winnipeg
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HR Poster logoWinnipeg, September 28, 2013 – In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the coup d’etat against the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende, Winnipeg’s Chilean community held numerous educational and cultural events throughout September. On September 28th, the Chilean Human Rights Council of Canada held a conference at the University of Winnipeg entitled “Human Rights – The Chilean Experience.”

Speakers included:
– Dr. Miguel Sanchez, University of Regina, School of Social Work
– Fr. Eduardo Enrique Soto Parra, SJ, Mauro Centre, University of Manitoba
– Claudia Garcia de la Huerta, Journalist
– Dr. Clint Curle, Canadian Museum for Human Rights (Moderator)

Conference Organizers:
– Chilean Human Rights Council of Canada
– Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Conference Sponsors:
– University of Manitoba, Mauro Centre
– University of Winnipeg, Global College

  1. shanednblog says:

    The ONLY reason we are discussing this ‘openly’ and ‘freely’ is that Pinochet lost favor with the people who back Fascists like Steven Harper…. business and profit before EVERYTHING!

    Yes, our Canadian governments ‘played ball’ with Pinochet because he made Canadian companies …and subsequently the Conservative Party of Canada, and the Liberal Party of Canada

    People that ‘play ball with Fascists ARE FASCISTS!

  2. shanednblog says:

    made them RICH! of course!

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