Behind the invasion of Mali

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Nibbling on The Empire, Peace, War
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Roger-Annis 640

Roger Annis at the Feb. 24, 2013 annual meeting of Peace Alliance Winnipeg. Photo: Paul S. Graham

Is the military intervention in Mali by France, with the assistance of the United States, Canada and others an example of a humanitarian intervention launched to protect a fragile democracy from the incursion of Muslim terrorists? Or is France meddling in the affairs of its former colony to protect its business interests and further the political and economic interests of its NATO partners?

Roger Annis, coordinator of the Canada-Haiti Action Network and longtime political activist, explored these questions at the Annual General Meeting of Peace Alliance Winnipeg, held Feb. 24, 2013 in Winnipeg.

If you want to read more on this issue, Roger has published a number of thoughtful articles on his blog.

  1. shanednblog says:

    Is this a ‘naive’ question? Is ANYTHING about “democracy”? Doe Democracy even exist? Anywhere?

    Good post. I love it, but wonder just how naive the population of THE WORLD is, or is the black hole of ignorance actually in the ‘developed countries with their “superior” education propaganda? systems???????????? S.

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