Defend Mohamed Harkat – Defend Democracy

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Human Rights
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The secret trial of Mohamed Harkat remains an affront to all who cherish democracy and justice. Convicted and condemned to deportation on the basis of secret evidence that he was not allowed to see, Mr. Harkat faces deportation to his native Algeria where he would face imprisonment and torture, if not death.

Mohamed Harkat is continuing his struggle for a fair hearing. Visit his site and read his story. Sign the petition that calls for an end to the police state tactics that allow people to be detained indefinitely and deported without being tried in a fair, public and impartial trial.

And circulate this new video to everyone you know. At a time when people around the world are standing up to demand basic democratic freedoms, it is time Canadians regained some of ours.

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  1. Thanks Paul for your support and for exposing the injustice !
    May Justice and Truth Prevail.

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