Christmas lumps of coal for war resisters from Santa Harper

Posted: December 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

The War Resisters Support Campaign says that U.S. war resister Cliff Cornell has been told by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to leave Canada by Dec. 24, or face removal by force. Another war resister, Kimberly Rivera, will receive a decision on her request to remain in Canada on Jan. 7. War resister Dean Walcott was told on December 3rd that he must leave Canada by January 6th or face deportation to the United States.

War resister Cliff Cornell.

Cornell, from Arkansas, was stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia. He joined the Army with the promise from a military recruiter that he would receive a $9,000 sign up bonus and job training. “Ninety per cent of what the recruiters tell you is a pack of lies,” said Cliff. Army recruitment techniques amount to entrapment, targeting young men from poor families, said Cornell. His unit was to be deployed to Iraq just after Christmas. On January 8 2005, Cliff arrived in Toronto seeking asylum. He currently works as an assistant manager of a retail store near Nanaimo.

War resister Kimberly Rivera and her daughter.

Rivera served with the U.S. Army in Iraq and came to Canada with her husband, Mario, and their two children in early 2007. Says Rivera: “While in Iraq, losing soldiers and civilians was a part of daily life. I was a gate guard. This position was the highest of security for a forward operation base, being that we searched vehicles, civilian personnel, and military convoys that left and came back every hour. After a huge awakening in the lives of the civilians who don’t get to escape the trauma, or the pain and the loss of people they love, I was seeing the truth and it wasn’t pretty. Seeing the war as it truly is. People losing their lives for greed of a nation, and still some people can’t see the lies behind the media. The effects on the soldiers who come back with new problems such as nightmares, anxieties, depression, anger, and alcohol abuse, and missing limbs and scars from burns, and some don’t come back at all.”

Dean Walcott joined the active duty USMC August 23 2000. Dean deployed to Iraq twice, and in between, was stationed at a US Army hospital in Stuttgart, Germany. His last command was at a non-depolyable Inspector/Instructor unit in North Carolina.  Originally from Connecticut, Dean arrived in Toronto in December 2006 where he has applied for refugee status.

The War Resisters Support Campaign needs our help. You can start by demanding that the Tories take back their Chrismas lumps of coal. Insist that the government implement the motion approved by Parliament in June to allow war resisters to remain in Canada.

Contact Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney at (613) 954-1064 or (613) 992-2235 or or

Please cc the opposition party critics if you email Jason Kenney:

Finally, visit the War Resisters Support Campaign web site and see how you can become further involved.

Sources: War Resisters Support Campaign, Canadian Press

  1. With a level of cruelty that only a sociopath like the Harpocrit could appreciate, Cliff is going to be deported to the US the day before Christmas.

    If anything should happen to any of the resistors that are being deported in the medieval hell holes of a US military prison, I suggest that in the future, when we have a more progressive system in this country, Harper and his ilk be dragged before a Nuremberg-type court.

  2. Confused says:

    Surely this deportation could be legally challenged, since a FEDERAL LAW HAS BEEN PASSED
    stating that these men and women are allowed to stay in our cold and metric north.
    Should not the people breaking this Federal Law be arrested and brought to Court?
    I am sorry, but I do not understand the legality
    of all this. By LAW these people are allowed to stay in Canada if they so wish- Right??!!What am I missing??

    Thank You.

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