Go, Coalition, Go!!

Posted: December 1, 2008 in Uncategorized

Manitoba Tory MP Vic Toews (formerly Justice Minister, now Treasury Board president) was on CBC Radio moments ago saying he didn’t think it was unethical for the Conservatives to listen to an NDP conference call, record it and disseminate it to the media. So, if we are looking for the Tories’ moral compass, it might possibly be under a couple of feet of snow somehwere out in “law ‘n order Vic’s” Provencher Constituency.

Put this together with convincing evidence that the Harper Tories tried to bribe terminally ill MP Chuck Cadman in return for his vote to bring down the Liberals prior to the 2006 election and Elections Canada allegations that the Tories deliberately violated federal elections law by spending about $1.1 million over its national limit on media advertising and filing misleading statements in its official returns and it is clear these folks can’t be trusted to know right from wrong.

Given this moral bankruptcy, it won’t be surprising if Harper tries to cling to power by proroguing the House and dodging next week’s non-confidence vote. This, however, will not help him in the least. To the contrary, it will only confirm the judgment of the 62 per cent of Canadian voters who supported the parties now making up the coalition government in waiting — that Harper cannot be trusted with power and that the sooner he is gone the better.

  1. deBeauxOs says:

    Given that the individual pontificating about ethical issues is a minister of the government who impregnated a lowly female page (over 30 years younger than him) working in the House of Commons, I’d take whatever opinion he has with a pound of salt.

  2. lemon says:

    For all you people that are supporting a coalition, are you nuts? We just had an election and you lost. Now you are proposing that Dion lead our country. If he performs as well as he did in the election in a coalition government then we can soon expect a 50 cent dollar. I find it quite hilarious and a little ironic that you need the Bloc Quebecois to support you as well considering what their main goal is. It certainly isn’t for the good of the country. Why can’t you just accept defeat graciously and wait until the next election. Then we will finally get a Tory majority and we won’t have to listen to all your whining. Also I find it interesting that the Liberal/NDP would use a term to describe their union as a “cooperative”. Isn’t that a communist term?

  3. glinda goodwitch says:

    lemon asks:
    “For all you people that are supporting a coalition, are you nuts? We just had an election and you lost.”

    Just like to say I’m not nuts and I’m not confused about Parliamentary democracy either. You might want to study up.

    With the result being a minority there was no clear winner of the last election but I guess you could say Stephen Harper is the big loser – he threw out a Parliament that was afraid to call his bluff and got this one instead.

    By the way, many progressive voters were asking for a coalition during the last election, including me.

    Vive la coalition.

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