Support the Campaign for a Progressive Canadian Coalition Government, eh!

Posted: November 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Canadians for a Progressive Coalition is conducting an online campaign to encourage Liberals, New Dems and Bloquistes to form a federal coalition government. This campaign is both necessary and timely; necessary, because most Canadians rejected the troglodytic Tory agenda in the October federal election and timely because there is a confidence vote coming up next week.

All three opposition parties have vowed to vote against Flaherty’s “fiscal update” and this could precipitate an election or a request from the GG to form a coaliton government.

Given that the best we could expect in a new election would be a House that looks pretty much like the one we have now, a coalition government makes a lot of sense. It would give us a government that is more politically representative of Canadians.  We would get a government that understands that we face more than a “technical recession.” It could create an environment that makes possible the pressing business of electoral reform.

So, go to Canadians for a Progressive Coalition and see what they have to say. There is a petition to sign and more than enough opportunities for political organizing if the last election didn’t sap your enthusiasm for such jolly fun.

  1. janfromthebruce says:

    I think the prog blogs are moving on this. Sure hope so.

  2. mleinweber says:

    We just had an election and the Canadian people have spoken! The Libs, NDP and Bloc are hijacking democracy as we have known and fought for. This is not the time to bring political uncertainty to our country and stifle foreign investment. DION as PM? Does nayobody remember what a joke he was during the last election campaign??? Anyone who supports this coalition can be thankful for ruining OUR country. DO not letOUR democracy be watered down just because whats being done isnt popular. Mike Harris had to do the heavy lifting after a Liberal government, what do you think Harper is doing now? Its obvious Harper does not want to rush into spending BILLIONS of our tax paying dollars and he is investigating where the best place is to put it. Good decisions take time, give it to Harper and let him make the right choice!!!

  3. GARY says:


  4. ryan says:

    A coalition government would be more democratic than a minority that acts as if its in the majority. if harper isnt willing to co operate with the other parties then i hope the opposision will band together and take power. dont forget over 60% of voters voted against harper

  5. ryan says:

    what i would realy like to see is harper step up and offer a united canadian coalition that includes elected members of all parties within the cabnet. although this is just a pipe dream that has zero chance of coming to fruition. i doubt that the opposition parties and the conservitives would ever consider this. sad

  6. Douglas says:

    Clearly greed motivates this coalition!

    Unions are destroying this country! Government workers high wages and huge pension plans are destroying this country! Are the people of Canada getting good value for their money these days?

    So our economy is at a critical time in our history and we have to listen to these jokers think themselves as professionals guiding us all. Noah’s Ark was built by amateurs – and the Titanic was built by Professionals. Please coalition people – please don’t think yourselves as being professionals. Your coalition is all smoke and mirrors for what really is behind all this…….greed.

    Perhaps this is a good time to abolish the unions for good? – perhaps the Gravy Train is coming to an end for these folks? Perhaps the Government Pension plans need to be trimmed back considerably & salaries not capped but be reduced entirely by 50%? Perhaps the fear of this is the prime motivator for these people to want to form a coalition and protect a good thing they have going financially for themselves………..which a large majority of Canadians do not enjoy or will never know that experience.

    Definition – GRAVY TRAIN = easy money – Income obtained with a minimum of effort.

    Coalition People – Please don’t tell us you have a new & clear vision for this country – your wasting our time & our money ! Don’t worry as Canadians will certainly love you for dragging us through another election at our expense !

    Have a good day

  7. Alex Lee of Thornhill says:

    PLEASE don’t let this happen. More than 60% of us have voted for this Govt., and I sincere appeal to the other three parties to put the Country first. You cannot just walk in and hijack the Govt. on your own agenda.

    Can we do something about thsi, a protest to voice our objection to this non-sense, and a show of support to the current govt.? Count me in please.

    Take care,


  8. alexander says:

    If this coalition government actually forms and runs the country, our country is doomed. We will be lead by Dion, who the election A SHORT TIME AGO has shown is not popular, with the Liberals losing many seats in the eleiction. The last thing we need is a coalition party overthrowing the government which CANADA voted to have a minority government.

    Speak Out and don’t support this outrageous proposition.

  9. John says:

    This is ridiculous. All of the NDP Liberals and Bloc are just sore losers. There is a reason why the Liberals are not in power right not because just over a month ago, Canada chose a conservative government. We did not vote for a coalition government. In addition, this is the absolute worst time for this political instability. Joseph Stalin would be proud

  10. Douglas says:

    Wow….Interesting developments this afternoon. I see the Coalition which is to be headed by Dion (oh yoy – such a brilliant choice to be leader) will inject a $30 Billion stimulus package into the economy……mmm interesting…..and where is the money going to go……how ironic….Our government Infrastructure, & Unions. Well spent lads, bravo! The same bunch of yahoo ‘s that have put us where we are today!

    I wonder how much of the $30 Billion will be spent outside of Ontario & Quebec ? Please don’t forget the Maritimes & the rest of Canada “oh three wise men”.

    I object to our County being Hijacked like this and backed by a separatist party to boot!

    I am most certain Canadians will enjoy having to vote again so soon after this fall election.

  11. JRF says:

    WoW…..Im confused….I feel embarrassed to think what the rest of the world will think of our great Canada…with our rock solid banks and good standard of living..
    Just a bunch of losers in the Libs,NDP and separtist Bloc all trying to tear our country apart for their day of fame..Truly sickening and totally needless.
    “Aproud Canadian from bygone daays”

  12. Douglas says:

    Well said JRF….well said! That’s the word I have been searching for all day ” Sickening ” that best describes today!

    Should be interesting to see what kind of backlash to today’s events will be for these “Three Men in the Tub”. I have a feeling this little tub is going to sink big time.

    Just reading all the blogs today at CTV News, CBC News, and here, it is so clear their is total outrage of the Canadian People brewing against this sickening day.


    One Proud Canadian

  13. Bob says:

    Oh no, didn’t we just finish exercising our democratic rights and vote in a new government. How dare the 3 sore losers come up with this ridiculous plan and dictate to the people of Canada that they can run the government better than the conservatives.
    How dare they trample the people of Canada’s right to vote in a government. If the governor general agrees to their plan, our country has given up it’s right to real democracy. Shame on everyone who supports this plan.
    Whether this plan works or not, all canadians should rememeber this attempt to hichjack our democratic political system and come next election, vote in the largest Conservative government in history.

  14. Mark says:

    While i don’t agree with making this coalition and i doubt it will last, i would like to point out that it’s still democratic in that 60% of people did vote for the opposing parties and thus have more of a right to dictate the terms of what the canadian people want.

  15. Rory says:

    Taxation without representation, wasn’t this the cause of a revolution to the South over 200 years ago.

    Maybe Champagne Jack needs to face reality, as opposed to his bourgeouise lifestyle living in the Beaches.

    Remember, if we all stop paying taxes, we can shut the whole government down.

  16. Ann says:

    I would much prefer to see stability through a government sitting for a least a couple years and indeed the prospect of a coalition government or perhaps another election will add more turmoil which isn’t needed during these economic times. HOWEVER, the issue of Harper suggesting that the other parties’ funding as related to votes (the $1.40 or however much it is per vote) upsets me profoundly. I see it as Harper taking away democracy and the will of the people. Many people, myself included, voted for party that I knew would not form the government, however I hoped that through my and other votes they would get a bit more funding that might help them do better next time. In some cases, the reason a party doesn’t do as well as it could is NOT because they don’t have a good platform but because they don’t have the money to maximize it. By taking away their right to the money that comes with my vote, so too is my way, as small as it may be, to support the party of my choice. Also I would like to remind people that not everyone who works for the government has a huge salary. I’d guess that most civil servants could make a lot more in the private sector. What we need is for people to come together and stand up for a united Canada, not people laying blame and pointing fingers.

  17. Jake Condorcet says:

    The objective of seeking government and the spoils that flow from it is the very obvious one of the three “snakes in the grass”. What a disservice to their constituents and their partys. In my lifetime I have never seen such a blatently obvious grab for the prize. These men and any who support them should be banished from ever running for government again in this country. They should be made to ware a badge of red to signify their communist leanings and tendencies. They are a disgrace to this great society. Oh, and by the way, thanks for the plunge in the stock market. Nobody in their right mind is ready to see that creature of a Dione at the head of the Canadian government. I could say more but it would just be more of the same. I must go and redraw the map of Canada without the West and the East, oh yes, that would be Toronto and Quebec wouldn’t it.

  18. Michael T says:

    I can’t believe what is happening. Don’t the coalition parties understand that the Canadian people voted, and want them to cooperate with the minority Conservative government to get us through these very tough times.

    This stroke of genius will be led by a man who’s leadership is questioned not only Canadian voters, but by his own party. And he’s teaming up with a socialist and a separatist? That should really get our economy rolling! Imagine the new found confidence international investors will have in the Canadian economy.

    In my life, I’ve only seen this kind of blind, stupid greed and partisan politics. These are the men we call leaders? They look more like the 3 stooges to me.

    Not that I don’t think Harper brought it on itself, because he did. I just never thought the other “leaders” would do anything so unacceptable.

  19. IHateBullies says:

    Perhaps some of you bully supporting CONservatives should check with the Canadian Constitution before you go whining away. The bully is finally being stood up to. The CONS did not get a majority of the votes in the past election (one that Mr. Harper broke his own rule to waste $300 million of our tax dollars). If they did, they would have a majority. Mr. Harper refuses to work with the other parties and this will continue even if we have another election. Why not give Parliament a chance to work with a coalition? It works in other countries, why not give it a try? After all Harper’s party is a coalition one. And he tried to get himself a coalition with the Bloc to defeat Paul Martin’s minority government. It didn’t work for him and now he’s a big baby when he gets a taste of his own medicine. Typical bully.

    The majority didn’t vote for the Cons or Mr. Harper, so it’s time for him to be sent packing so maybe we can get parliament to work for a change. Time for the Cons to get themselves a new leader. Perhaps one who doesn’t have a God complex.

  20. outraged says:

    i wasted my time even going to vote. obviously, these 3 know better then the canadian people. Harper brought it on himself? why, because he’s not putting us in debt 30 billion dollars for programs we don’t need during this time of economic uncertainty? we need stephan dion and jack layton right now like we need a hole in the head, and i thought we made that clear 28 days ago. Time to stop sitting on our hands and contact our MP’s people. it doesn’t matter what your political affiliations are, this is the opposite of democracy.

  21. blue monster1 says:

    This is one big Farce!!!!Dion is a joke.He would make Canada look like a joke to the rest of the world.We the people of Canada are the voice,we voted and let it stand.Who do these 3 stooges think they are?They clearly stand for the East and don’t give a damn about Canada as a whole.We in Western Canada have had enough of this BS.All these guys think about is their pocketbook.They should all be fired,we the people pay their why can’t the people just outright fire them.I did not vote for any of them idiots,it just makes my blood boil.It is a time Canadian people to revolt,enough is enough already.This would be Democracy at it’s worst.Dion would make this Country the laughing stock of the world..he looks like a cartoon.

  22. Vern says:

    Coalition Govt with an idiot for Prime Minister….I dont think so….If the Governor General calls a election again, I think the People would show these parties with votes, who we want in…..We definitely do not want them making the choice for us. I think they have only made the Canadian People angry by their childish behaviour.

  23. webmaster says:

    This has been an interesting discussion. Please continue, but try to keep it respectful.

    Remember, “We the People” (aside from being lifted from the US Constitution) includes the 62% who voted NDP, Liberal, Bloc Quebecois and Independent (including a bunch of very small parties).

    A common refrain in this thread has been that the Canadian people have voted for a Tory government and that it is undemocratic to change to a coalition government of the opposition parties. Well, that’s partly correct. The Canadian people did vote. And next week, if the opposition gets to vote in Parliament, every one of those MPs we collectively elected will still have their jobs as our representatives. The difference is that we will have a new government. And that, my friends, is what can happen in a Parliamentary democracy.

    In a Parliamentary Democracy the government must retain the confidence of the majority of elected MPs. If it fails to do so, we either have an election, or the opposition gets to govern.

    It isn’t what unpopular minority governments like, but it isn’t undemocratic, either.

    Please refrain from the hysterical language. The coalition leaders aren’t “idiots” or “snakes in the grass.” Mr. Dion isn’t any funnier looking than Mr. Harper, and Canada will not become a laughingstock for having a functioning Parliamentary democracy.

    Try to deal with real issues, please.

  24. ryan says:

    lets see here. the conservatives won about 37% of the popular vote, the libs won 26, ndp won 18% and the block and the greens won 10% each.

    37% support for conservatives
    64% support for a coalition

    if harper showed a willingness to work with the oposition i would be against this coalition. however he is acting as if he has a majority of the vote when in fact he has 37 percent. if harper wants to remain pm he has to include the oposition in his cabnet. and i would encourage mr dion to include conservatives in his cabnet asuming a coalition government is formed. we need to put partisan interests aside and work together. no one party can posibly get us through these tough times unscathed. ps please forgive my spelling, its overrated anyways.

  25. Janet says:

    Let me see. If I vote for a candidate I back one not three. Therefore I do not support a coalition of three parties. If we look at what the Liberals, NDP and Bloc are doing it would make sense that we should have another election and instead of getting only one vote I should have 3. Therefore I could decide 3 times who I would like in power. It’s funny how everyone has called Mr Harper a bully but it seems to me that the opposition are bullying to get their own way. As a Canadian taxpayer I do not feel that my money should be spent on a stimulous package that would give the banks, unions, or the automotive industry money. It’s amazing how Canadians accuse Mr. Harper of sleeping with Mr. Bush but now the Coalition want to do the exact same thing by spending billions of dollars simulating the economy just like the Americans. Difference is we don’t have the same problems here and don’t need billions of dollars to be wasted on special interest groups that the opposition parties have decided require rescuing. Let the party that was elected do their job and stop playing school yard politics because you didn’t get your own way. Canadians deserve responsible government and Mr Layton, Mr Dion and the other band of merry men are not it. I put my faith in someone who has a background in economics in a time when we are in economic turmoil plain and simple!

  26. Cara says:

    The Country spoke in the election
    We did NOT vote for a coalition government of the Liberals, the NDP and the Bloc.
    Why would the Country of Canada ask to create a government with a Party that wants to separate from Canada?

    Our democratic society voted in the Conservative government and that is what we should have.
    I have voted Liberal my whole life except this time because I could not support their leader and will not support him in this motion.

    Stephen Harper please do something to stop this.

  27. ryan says:

    yes we did speek we voted in a minority government that has to work with one other party or at least have the support of one of the other parties. the conservitaves have not worked with anyone but themselfs. how can a party with 37 percent of the popular vote think they can do whatever they want.

  28. Ed says:

    I agree with most of the preceeding posts, I do believe Harper could do with an attitude adjustment but the the other three need a complete rebuild from the bottom up. Everyone including his own party seems to agree he is a joke and now they want our country to be led by a joke. I can see nothing good coming from this “coalition” the Canadian govt in the eyes of the world would be seen as disfunctional and our financial system would follow. I do not see anything good in the future if this coalition is allowed to happen. I hope the GC is wise enough to stop it.

  29. Mark says:

    Janet said that she only voted for one candidate, not three, and therefore doesn’t want a coalition of three parties. Well, that’s what everyone does. We each vote for one candidate and, as much as one might have it in the back of their mind that their voting for a Prime Minister, they are actually voting for one candidate to be their MP. It is actually the majority of all MPs elected who choose the Prime Minister, i.e. the majority of MPs must have confidence in the person of the Prime Minister. Now, typically, the Prime Minister is the leader of the party that achieves the election of the majority of MPs but such is not a foregone conclusion. Unless that leader has a majority of the MPs in parliament supporting that member as the Prime Minister then any majority coalition could elect any member of the House to be the PM. This is what is now happening. In fact, with the coalition, including the Bloc, choosing the PM there will be 54.41% of the population being represented in government as opposed to only 37.63% of the population being represented in government under the Conservatives. Sounds like democracy in action to me!

  30. Rob says:

    I cannot believe this. We as Canadians held a democatic election, and the torries won. Why we cannot respect this fact is beyond me. I realize that we may not agree with all of the things that they are doing, however, we have voted twice in the last 18 months, and both times it was the torries. We should be able to work together on these issues, and not form a government that no one voted for, or go to the polls again. I for one am sick and tired of this waste of time and money, and am losing faith in this so called :democratic” process…

  31. Brianne says:

    Harpers claims that a coalition is a threat to democracy is funny considering he attempted to annihilate the opposition by scrapping public funding to political parties. What good is democracy if there’s only one political party? And please don’t tell me that wasn’t his intention. If he or anyone in his cabinet claim to not know the full financial and political implications of such a move it just serves as one more indication he’s not fit to be making such decisions.

    Even if I were conservative, I don’t think I could support a leader who is willing to jeapordize his party’s integrity just so he can have a little fun bullying the opposition.

    Besides, calling an election now would be a huge mistake. Does no one remember what it was like just 9 weeks ago?! Everyone was complaining about how much of a waste of money elections were, how we were all sick of having to vote again so soon aftr the last election and how annoying those conservative tv ads were.

    And as for all that right wing rhetoric about how our democracy is threatened by Layton, a “SOCIALIST”? Its so easy to accuse the NDP of socialism. I’m getting tired of it. Get over yourselves! One could just as easily argue that our current PM is fascist. Historically fascism never lead to good things.

  32. Erin says:

    If there were three parties in power, at least there would be different opinions, not just a leader that does whatever he pleases.

    Government is about making sure all Canadians are looked after, not just the wealthy.

  33. janb says:

    I am writing this email today to protest the antics going on within our Parliament. The Canadian People, the last I heard, were the one’s to decide who represent and govern our Country. I am appalled at the antics of Messer’s Dion, Layton and Duceppe! The Canadian People elected Mr. Harper and his Conservative Party to lead Canada. How can the “Coalition” make such a mockery of our voting system and of the Canadian People???? I cannot believe my voting rights are being taken away from me.

    No wonder voter turnout is in rapid decline! You have Government Representatives like Dion, Layton and Duceppe making fools of themselves. What is this “Act” teaching our children and teenagers of Democracy? How do you expect to encourage Canadians to take part in Politics and Elections when the voter’s decision is being denied. My Grandfather gave his life in WWII to protect our rights and freedoms. I know most Canadians are sick seeing our Elected Officials acting in such childish and petty manners. Also, what is this doing to the way the world sees Canada?

    Finally with the Economic Crisis our world is facing at this time, it is insane that another Election be called. The cost of another Election isn’t something Canadians should be paying for at this time!

    Let Mr. Harper and his Party govern as the Canadian People elected him to do!!



  34. Seadawg says:

    For all the people who say that the coalition is attempting something subversive they should brush up on canadian Parliamentary proceedure. With a minority government there is always the potential to have an opposition coalitition bring down the government if the minority power in charge got to big for theri britches. Who would have thunk it?

    As for unconstitutional, any attempt by Harper to porogue the parliamant and have the GG step in? Please… then lets go back to the polls rather than have a dictator.

  35. Garrett says:

    This is rediculous. The coalition does not represent more of the canadian vote, becuase NOBODY voted for the coalition. People voted for NDP because they didnt see liberals as a good choice.. Same can be said about the quebecois. I dont care if this is parlimentary procedure, its wrong and its not what canada voted for. Its a power grab and it will only result in canadian backlash and perhaps even a conservative majority. I smell political suicide for the three stooges.

    Check out Adler and his opinion at

  36. tenpin says:

    I, as a teenager myself, know why this is being done! We all know what democracy is, and when Harper tries to cripple every other single party by taking away their funding so they as a party can operate, that’s not democracy, that’s an attempt at creating a dictatorship. The government is currently dysfunctional because of Harper’s unwillingness to work with the opposition, and another election would accomplish nothing.

    As I can recall from history, Robert Borden had done just this back in World War I, and did that not help Canada overall by getting us recognized as an independent nation on the international stage?

    I agree with Jnab on one point; elections haven’t seemed to have done much lately except waste millions of taxpayers’ dollars… This is the worst time to call another election, as our current economic situation is getting worse and worse each week.

    That’s my two cents coming from a member of the next generation of voters.

    Either way, I do not yet have the right to vote for whom I wish to be in government, but I will be interested to see how this plays out, since no matter what the outcome of the current political situation is, it is history in the making.

    We’ve all got to stop whining about this because one thing is for sure, like it or not;

    Harper’s going down.

    Best Regards,


  37. mckinney says:

    Geez, this coalition must drink its own bathwater. Adscam Chretien, Fast Eddy Broadbent,Smiley Jack, Duplicitous Duceppe, and Done and gone Dion, are all rudely yanked from the taxpayers teat. So… behind closed doors, while giving the finger to the Canadian voters, concocting a cobbled together platform they decide to grab power through a putsch. They,naturally, have the support of all the federal government unions and the CAW- as independently minded and generous to taxpayers as any group in Canada- selfless to a fault.
    If Jack, Dion and Gille aren’t lying to the Canadian people then let the Axis of Weasles Coalition put their platform to the voters in an immediate election. Harper may lack tact with his political opponents but he is the leader Canada needs and voted for, for the road ahead.
    After this cheap trick not one of the three weasels would survive an election and they know it.

  38. webmaster says:

    Sigh, mckinney. You must have missed my request for respectful, factual debates with a minimum of silly, ad hominem attacks and a maximum of facts.

    Please go here to bone up parliamentary democracy. Then return and explain how you can use the word putsch with a straight face.

  39. jenn says:

    i am all for this coalition. it’s time to get Harper out. with the coalition more of canada’s population is being represented. therefore it is still democracy. being in the economical crisis we are in, i dont think Haper is the one to help the situation.

  40. G Gunn says:

    Cdn did not vote for any economic nor evnironment polices to be put in force from Liberals, NDP, Quebecois.
    Cdn voted for a govt by Conservative. Cdn expected the party with the greatest seat govern.

    The policy of giving money to dying/dead industry only wate money and enrich a small group but will not help the region for lng. witness the fishery problem in the east coast. money should not be used in investing for long term job viability and growth

    Remember the liberal party scandalous fund use and funneling? Again quick handout will give rise plenty of questionalbe spending for beneftting a few “elite” group not general public

  41. poshrat says:

    As someone who has taken the time to watch Parliamentary procedure on TV from time to time..something I very much doubt many of those protesting have ever bothered to do, I would like to offer the following observations.

    To begin with, the standards of our Elected representatives in conducting the business of Canada, are little better than a childish squabble in a primary school playground, and this latest fiasco is the culmination of this attitude:-
    ‘Let’s all gang up against the bully on the block ( pardon the pun..even if it means bring the bloc bullies in with us)and put him out of power.

    Frankly, I have seen better behaviour from school kids who have done a mock Parliament in class as a project, and I think as a result of what is happening..or about to happen, will bring about what has long been needed, a closer look at the way Canada is Governed, how Members are elected, and how candidates are chosen.

    As an Ex-Brit who went through the legal brutality education system known as ‘Public school’ in the ’50’s, part of our time was spent in in class discussions. We were divided into two ‘ pro the subject, one con.
    At the halfway mark, we had to switch sides and begin arguing/discussing from the opposite point of view..the objective of this was to make us see that there are more grey areas in any conflict, rather then the plain black and white stance most tend to take.

    Perhaps this could be revived and introduced into Canada’s education system, which would possibly help us develop a whole new breed of Thinkers in the upcoming generations whose influence would bring about major changes in the way things get done in the Hallowed Halls?

    Currently, those Corridors of Power seem to be populated by a set of undesirables, mostly jockeying for positions, and susceptible to outside influences that promise to line their pockets for favours granted, in their quest for self enhancement.

    Whilst the concept of a coalition has some would save Canadians the expense of going to the polls again..the idea of three opposing interests headed by the least appealing member of the group doesn’t sit well with most of us..myself included.

    Nor do their proposals if they do bring this about.

    What it will do for Canada’s status on the World stage will be simple to judge in a short period of time..just watch the value of the Can Dollar against other world currencies, and the reaction on the TSE

    We are entering a period of Financial crisis brought about by a collapsing economy in the US., and their to throw more tax payers money at the problem to encourage the population to ‘spend its way out of it’

    I, for one, don’t agree with this ‘solution’ It places a burden on the upcoming generations who already face crippling debts as it is

    Canada does not need to go down that road. As a person on pension, when things get tight, I have to cut back in areas, or make sacrifices for a while, and I think the majority of Canadians would far sooner do this as well, rather than live in a false sense of security brought about by our government spending our future to bail out businesses best let go to the wall over their bad management and fiscal fiascoes.

    ‘Spend now pay later’ means accumulating interest on those debts…SOMEONE has to pay eventually..and in this case it will be the taxpayers now, and the tax payers in the future

    Is this what we want to pass on to our kids? The Legacy of OUR stupidity of not speaking out loud and clear against our Government actions when they threaten to make a mockery of the whole concept of democracy?

    This is a Power Play and a Take over..pure and simple…in much the same way as the National Socialist party did in it is just a question of who is the ‘Little Hitler’ waiting to emerge as top of the heap*

    *polite term for a compost pile!

  42. I AM CANADIAN says:

    The people of this country went to the polls not too long ago and CLEARLY voted for who they wanted to run this country. Now, because they didn’t do so well, the leaders of the other three parties want to join forces and topple the existing government. Before, during and after the election, none of the three in question could stand each other, let alone run the country together. What a joke!

    I hope for all our sakes that the governor general upholds the notion of democracy and tells the “three stooges” to wait until the next election and do a better job of convincing the people of the greatest country in the world that they can run the government any better.

  43. ryan says:

    This is a democratic move on behalf of the coalition but is being done in an inappropriate way, in the worst possible time. We need stability and unity not chaos and confusion. We will see economic demise of the coalition is given power…..there is no possible way for these three parties to work together. If you disagree…..give it some time and we will see.

  44. Caroline Vladianu says:

    This coalition is a big mistake. I think all the people who didn’t bother voting would be mad enough at this to vote for PC next time.

  45. Anarchy for the people says:

    My vote was wasted as I never voted for Harper to not work with anyone. He accuses the Liberals and NDP for working with the BLOC but if he had followed through with his promise to work with the opposition we would not be here today organizing coalitions.

    My vote was wasted a I never voted to have as many elections as it will take to make Harper and his uninformed band wagon jumpers happy. Harper is a destroyer and is paid for by people that like to participate in destruction.

  46. dsmick says:

    Forming a coalition government is treason. Please let me explain. This is simply put, a coup. If you read the definition of a coup, this is clearly it. (A sudden appropriation of leadership or power; a takeover) That amounts to treason. This is a slap in the face of all the Canadians who particpated it the election process in October. I would like the RCMP be contacted to determine if this meets the criteria for Treason within the Criminal Code of Canada. ((2) Every one commits treason who, in Canada,
    (a) uses force or violence for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Canada or a province;)
    There may not be violence (thank God) but there is force being used. (Force:power to influence, affect, or control; efficacious power)

  47. Ryan says:

    man im glad to see somthing finaly cought the attention of the canadian people. if we had an election now i bet the voter turnout would go up even just a little bit. although i still like the idea of a coalition.

  48. Doug says:

    In a respectful way I present to you this fact for readers to chew on!

    Governor General Michaëlle Jean is married to an Active Memember of the Quebec Sovereignty Movement who was also a member of Front de libération du Québec known as the (FLQ).

    This factual information is from Wikipedia

    Canada’s Governor General Michaëlle Jean will decide for Canada about our Country and the Coalition in the next couple of days. I trust she will make a good decision for us all. You asked for factual – well this is a fact.

    Food for thought

  49. Doug says:


    My sincerest apology for my first fact which is wrong – Perhaps intentionally to make my point. Listen to the Webmaster and get your facts straight first before writing in here. Governor General Michaëlle Jean is married to Jean-Daniel Lafond, and Jacques Rose was only someone he was friendly with – that’s it.

    I know and trust our Governor General Michaëlle Jean will make a good & wise decision for us all as she is a very intelligent and cabable person. Her decision will be a good one for all of Canada.

    Have a good evening !

  50. webmaster says:

    Thank you Doug for checking your facts and stepping back from your earlier position. I sure there is a lesson here for all of us.

    I believe there was some controversy about Madame Jean’s husband’s political sympathies around the time she was appointed G-G. I also understand that this was clarified to the satisfaction of those involved in the appointment. Someone may wish to research this and offer some factual information.

    I am concerned that the wild language about separatists is blinding people to the fact that Quebeckers, who are Canadians after all, have the same right to be represented in government as the rest of us, even if they routinely elect 40 or so MPs of the BQ persuasion.

    This BQ bashing is turning this nonconfidence issue into a national unity issue — unfairly and unreasonably, in my view.

    I think the Tories should exercise care here; they seem to be fanning the flames of national disunity by dissing Quebeckers — not a sign of a good government, I think.

  51. irbopi says:

    It certainly appears the conservative riding associations have been busy trolling and posting on sites such as this one with the intent of spreading their vitriol and misinformaton concerning the current goings-on in Ottawa with the intent of directing public opinion. Good luck with that.

    The facts, however, belie their argument when in a time of economic crisis their ideologically driven demagogue, Stephen Harper, chose to manipulate the fiscal update (or, as most economists are calling it: the FU economic statement)to remove pay equity, the right to strike, and political party funding; clearly machinations designed to move the country and its economy forward, right?

    As a rural ABC Albertan, my only reason for voting, beyond the notion of civic duty, is to provide the party of my choice the $2.00 given to them for my vote. That’s what my vote has come to represent and that is to be removed? What a great way to engage the electorate and encourage turnout, although I am having just a little difficulty understanding the economic stimulus angle! Please expalain that one for me. Clearly, this represents the time to move towards a reform of the system which would provide for proportional representation.

    It is hard to feel sorry for Mr. Harper, as he clearly brought this on himself. He chose egocentricity over what the country required. The history books will show him to be the leader who threw everything away when consensus and conciliation were all that were required.

    While I suspect the Governor General will allow him to prorogue parliament and allow a period of reflection, I would ask the conservative riding associations to rein in the rhetoric if she chooses a different course. She is faced with an almost untenable situation and the country does not need you belittling her ethnicity and language if she chooses to allow a coalition government. I can hope, and you can surprise me.

  52. Curtis says:

    To give the balance of power in our country to the Bloc is beyond reason! The Bloc should not even be in the federal govn’t as they are only a provincial entity. The fact they want nothing more than to tear apart our country hinges on treason all by itself. This backroom deal will hopefully spell the end for these ego hungry leaders! People are quick to point out percentages but as our system goes the people voted in a minority govn’t and that is who should run the country. PERIOD! We never voted for any three parties that lose the election but feel they know better,to take over the govn’t. They have NOT earned the VOTERS confidence to run the country!

  53. ben says:

    your all too swuare headed
    this is not “hyjacking” as all of you seem to believe, it is a oricess outlined in the constitution and the opposition parties have the right to form a coalition government if they so choose, it is EXACTLY the same as any other party forming and alliance during a minority government.

    62% of voters didnt vote for conservatives, they split their vote among the other 3, if they decide to form an alliance and act together power to them, maybe they will actually make progress, unlike a certain OTHER party who does nothing but slander their opponents

    if you want to point your finger at someone for bringing this about, look no further than the PM because it was his arrogance and his short sightedness that brought about this whole revolution and uprising of the other parties who are actually standing up for the interests of Canada, something more than what Mr. Harper can say.

    we should take note of the happenings in the united states as a barometer of where the world is heading, which is toward environmental reforms and new tax breaks for working families, not for oil companies.

    take a long look at wht you are really defending and you’ll see why the coalition is necessary action.

  54. ben says:

    Douglas is an idiot, you cant honestly think that eliminating high wages and pensions will make this country a better place, and if you do, you need an economics lesson

    the more people with good job security and good pay the less homeless people we have and the more productive our country is. you can defend the growth of GDP till your blue in the face but that doesnt change the fact that it is completely unrelated to the well being of the population.

    what is truly needed in this country is more detrerrent regarding the sending of jobs overseas, more tax cuts for poor people (not rich people) and more money towards education. Stephen Harper is not the man to provide any of this, he supports purely oil sands related protection, and is selling canadians short.

    the right wing of politics is about to be cut off because it is diseased and backward thinking, its time we focused on PEOPLE instead of OIL or BUSINESSES or GLOBALIZATION or any other thing that the Cons support.

    in other words, dont get brainwashed by HIS fascist ideals of absolute authority and his policy of disregarding the opposition and the larger population of voters by refusing to work TOGETHER, Harper is not a team player and is not a suitable fit for PM at this time. 20 years ago perhaps but certainly not now.

  55. bigassbikerboy says:

    Thank you to all the idiots who threw their vote away voting for the Pothead (green party) and the Communist (NDP)… I heard so many people saying “well we didn’t want to give the Conservatives too much power so i’m glad there is a minority” after the election. Now you see how dangerous it is “giving the greens legitimate party status”. Crap …. vote Conservative or Liberal and quit wasting everyone’s freaking time….I hope they call an election sooner than later, i Don’t think Harper has any idea how popular this will make his party now..

  56. bigassbikerboy says:

    and screw your petition…..Jack Layton was on TV 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE ELECTION talking about a coalition government should the conservatives win a minority… all this talk about how the parties should work together is B.S. It’s all about how our tax dollars shouldn’t be supporting political parties.. ARE you happy that part of your taxes go to ALL the political parties???? If you are hard left liberal ..part of your paycheck supports harper… if you are Right wing .. part goes to the Bloc… thats what this fight is all about ..Harper wants to stop this practice…EDUCATE YOURSELVES

  57. yvette says:

    I’m sick of hearing people claim that the idea of a coalition of elected officials running the government is undemocratic. In fact, it is beautiful democracy and is what our constitution permits when a minority government loses the confidence in the house. Period.
    Public opinion doesn’t count. Public opinion doesn’t have the right to override the constitution. Public opinion counted during the election. After such a dismal turnout it’s surprising to me that so many people are complaining about our democracy. Also, if Harper wanted the right to enjoy complete freedom in governing the country he should have secured a majority in the house. He didn’t. Why not? Because the majority of Canadians didn’t support him and his party. The majority of Canadians voted for MP’s that happen to belong to other parties. Two of which are willing to govern together and command the confidence of the house. Something Harper is unable (and with this unprecedented pause) – unwilling to do.
    Our parliamentary system is very clear. When a governing party loses the confidence of the house (can’t pass a budget, can’t come up with legislation that the majority of elected officials can agree on) then they lose the right to govern. Please stop spreading lies that this is undemocratic. It is the way our system has worked for over a century. Harper and his media machine do not have the right to trample the law of the land. Harper played a game of Russian roulette when he thought because we just came out of an election that he’d stuff his ideology down the throats of our elected members. They called his bluff. He is like George Bush who lies to his country’s citizens on a regular basis. He didn’t just come to power. He’s been PM for a long time now. During the election he claimed he was working on a budget. He refused to say what the hell it was (and during an election!) but he claimed to have one in the works. Then he said he’d vote on it last week. Then he said he’d vote on Monday. Now he wants more time. Al the while claiming that he wants the government to get down to work. His idea of work is to shut down parliament for almost 2 months! All this in the middle of a financial crisis he claimed didn’t exist in Canada just 2 months ago during the campaign. Even though it has been proven now that while spewing his lies to Canadians he KNEW that the government ran a deficit in August!
    He behaves like a dictator. Shutting down parliament when it’s convenient. Delaying votes when it suits him. Spending 300 million on an election to try and win a majority because he thought the time was right… even though he passed a law stating that a minority government couldn’t call snap elections but would have to wait for a fixed election date. He is a Bushesque dictator and although Canadians are confused by politics right now, and although his opponent is viewed as a nerd not able to lead a country (read:judged on his appearance not his ideology).. inspite all of this, I believe Canadians will get fed up with a man who tries to govern as if he has a majority rather than a minority. He goes out of his way to pit east against west, to alienate the Bloc Quebecois (elected by Quebecers), he tries to fool Canadians into thinking non-confidence votes are undemocratic, to pretend there is not a global financial crisis that needs urgent attention, to appease oil companies rather than act on pressing environmental issues that we are all accountable for.
    He is a bully. I pray that Canadians will wisen-up and reject this bully and the dangerous path away from true/beautiful democracy that he is leading us on.
    Oh… and those that claim we elected a PM. YOU ARE WRONG. Educate yourselves in our parliamentary system. We are not like the states where we can vote for a president. We vote for an MP to act as the voice for our riding. Whatever party has the most votes forms the government. But it can only work if he/she has enough MP’s who will support (through votes). If not, it is LAW that if there is another way to make government work it must be given the chance. That is the job of the GG and we’ll see her non partisan rule in action if there is a non-confidence vote in January.
    It is beautiful democracy. If you don’t agree.. go get yourself a Iranian passport, or maybe a North Korean passport where you’ll be pleased to be led by the nose by a dictator who makes up the rules as he goes along instead of respecting the rule of law which governs the land.

  58. yvette says:

    Does anyone recall the round table election debates?
    The english one with all 5 leaders?
    How people said that the other 4 leaders ‘ganged up’ on Stephen Harper?
    How Harper tried to demonstrate that his views were very different than the other leaders’ views?
    While not agreeing on everything and, of course, claiming that each leader’s own party would do best (it was an election of course), nonetheless it seemed there was much more common ground between all 4 parties than the conservative outlook.
    That’s why I believe a coalition run government would be more likely to be able to lead a productive government. At least they deserve a chance to try. After all, they were all elected legally and democratically.

  59. janeg says:

    Am I missing something? How can dividing the country be a good thing? For the Liberals & NDP to say that there fight is “all about the economy!” Is simply not accurate at all. In fact, their hate for Harper is greater than their care for the economy or their respect for the political process.

    How can the Liberal Party and the NDP make a deal with a group who does not even believe in Canada as a unified country? During the election Dion denied forming a coalition – apparently that meant nothing The most important message is – right, wrong or indifferent, this is not about any particular party, should the coalition be allowed to stand and set precedence, no Minority government elected from this point on would have any power to govern despite their mandate FROM THE PEOPLE? Do you fully understand what that means? Nothing worth having comes easy – the NDP and Liberals need to be reminded.

    Tell me why do you think it is okay to steal my vote? ALL Canadians vote? The “coalition” did not even allow for the budget to be dropped in January! Why because they don’t care, they are looking to steal Canadians right to vote – you should care! And perhaps a coalition government works in Europe however, have you looked at the price those countries pay?

    With regard to the Governor General in the west every grade 6 kid knows the following: The GG is an unelected rep of the crown. She can never interfere in the day today goverance of the country. After an election has been decided the GG appoints the PM who is the leader of the party with the most votes. After that appointment she acts on the advice of the PM. Not on her own accord not on the advice of the opposition, Only on the advice of the PM. If she totally disagrees with the advice she can direct an election to be called. The PM remains PM until he is replaced in an election. If he faces as non confidence vote he goes to the GG again and tells her he is turning the keys over to the coalition or he is not. If not an election is called. He remains PM until replaced in an election. If he resigns he remains PM until replaced. At no time can she lead the government and or at no time can Canada be left ungoverned. The PM does not need her consent, she either agrees or not. She followed the Law.

    If the shoe were on the other foot, you too would be outraged that your vote was being stolen! Think about it! It is wrong to support part of a government that is dedicated to breaking up our great country! How is a “leader” like Dion, whose own party did not even support/want him just 5 short weeks ago – now okay to run our country as a PM?

  60. There’s no way this country should include any of the separatists in our government. The coalition is a greedy bunch of has beens who can’t win an election, so they have to make deals with the devil (B Q).

  61. right wing nutjob says:

    So I guess because 62% of the people didn’t vote for the Conservatives, people think there should be a coalition????????? Following that logic I Guess that means the Toronto Maple Leafs get their name on the STANLEY CUP because people in Toronto didn’t want the Red Wings to win.. Plus Toronto has more fans than most of the other teams.

  62. adamq says:

    Coalition or Conservatives?? you decide

  63. ryan k says:

    Most dont want a coalition becAUSE 62% of us voted for the other three parties. we would be perfectly happy with a conservitive government that dosn’t completly ignore us. harper has every right to be priminister, but if he dosnt have the suport of the house how can he govern. all minority governments that worked couldent ignore the other parties or they would be forced out. all of us who voted elected this parlement. our government should be formed by this parlement. coalition or conservative. either way we have to stop the bickering and get to work.

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