Throw the bums out!

Posted: October 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

www.harpocracy.caOn Oct. 6, Tory Joy Smith ducked a townhall meeting in Kildonan-St. Paul that was sponsored by the Council of Women of Winnipeg, Peace Alliance Winnipeg, the Provincial Council of Women of Manitoba and University Women’s Club of Winnipeg.

The reluctance of Tories to attend election forums isn’t limited to Winnipeg. lists 104 (and counting) election forums where Tories have not attended.

This confirms speculation that Stephen Harper keeps his MPs on a tight leash and dovetails nicely with his reported policy of carefully managed, invitation-only public appearances.

It also betrays Harper’s mistrust of his candidates, fear of the electorate and contempt for Canadians. No wonder his support is so deservedly declining.

Commenting on the Tories’ growing notoriety for ducking election forums in today’s Winnipeg Free Press, Marlo Campbell concludes:

It’s disrespectful and remarkably arrogant. If this is how they treat us now, what will they do if they’re re-elected?

Let’s not wait to find out. On Oct. 14, thow these bums out!

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