McKeever's gotta go

Posted: September 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

A commenter on my last post suggested we “talk about Andrew McKeever.” I agree. McKeever, NDP candidate for Durum, has come under fire in recent days for Facebook postings in which he attacked U.S. war resisters, threatened people who disagreed with him, and used vulgar, misogynistic language to describe people who support war resisters.

He has apologized for his comments and recanted his anti-war resister statements. His apology has a hollow ring, probably because it couldn’t have been written by him. Compare the linguistic sophistication of the apology with his Facebook postings that the Liberal Party was only too pleased to capture for posterity.

McKeever’s potty-mouth rants reveal an immature mind, at best. His attitude towards women is disturbing.

He’s welcome to his reactionary political idea (his Facebook posts seem to reveal only one “idea”), but one wonders why the NDP nominated him, much less why they continue to keep him in the race. It will be some time, if ever, before he could be trusted to represent anyone in the House of Commons.

I’m voting NDP in this election, principally because of its stated intention to withdraw Canada’s troops from Afghanistan. If I lived in Durum, I would have to spoil my ballot.

No doubt Jack Layton is regretting the loss of dope smoking candidates in winnable ridings. That’s life, Jack. Get over it and ditch this loser. His candidacy undermines the NDP’s growing credibility. It is time to show him the door.

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