Dear Jack Layton, regarding your job application

Posted: September 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

Dear Jack,

Canada lost its 97th soldier in Afghanistan today. I hope you will put opposition to this war and withdrawal of our troops front and centre in this election campaign. The best way to “support our troops” is to bring them home. I am tired of Tory and Liberal lies about the “humanitarian” nature of Canada’s military intervention. I am counting on you to tell the truth and to rally Canadians to opposing this imperialist war.

Canada needs an independent foreign policy that supports genuine peace in the world. Please do not succumb to the advice of your advisors to run an Obama-style campaign of vague, feel good platitudes. Canadians are not brain dead and will respond to the truth if you tell it.

Best regards,
Paul Graham
Winnipeg, MB

My Friend,

Well this is it! Stephen Harper just quit his job as Prime Minister. Today, I’m applying for that job.

Yes, I’m running to be the Prime Minister that puts you and your family first.

I want this to be your campaign. I want you to be a part of it, starting today.

Click here to listen to a special election message to you. And I hope you make one of the first donations to this crucial campaign. Whether it’s a $25 donation or a maximum donation of $1100– your immediate support is so important.

It’s true. Over the next 37 days, you and I will bring about change that’ll take us forward, not backward.

Stephen Harper listens to the boardroom tables, not the kitchen tables. Now you can elect a Prime Minister that’ll put you and your family first.

Don’t let them tell you it can’t be done. Listen to my message to you and donate today.


  1. leftdog says:

    “Canadians are not brain dead … ” well, they elected Harper two years ago and he still tops the polls as the leader Canadians most trust to be PM! You overestimate the sophistication of many members of the public who are at the mercy of the MSM.

    You would hold the New Democrats to ‘Marquis of Queensbury’ Rules in this election while the Conservatives try to kick them in the nuts! Boy that’s a ‘winning’ strategy isn’t it????

  2. Beijing York says:

    I hope he heeds your advice Paul but I’m not holding my breath. The Liberals were complicit in not only initially sending our military into that ill-advised and legally questionable (it was a pre-emptive strike) and supported the extension of the mission so I can see it being near impossible for them to tackle this very important issue. But the NDP has no such baggage and the public has consistently been against our involvement. So why is the NDP so evasive on this front?

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