Afghanistan: No volunteers on this ship, matey

Posted: March 15, 2008 in Uncategorized

Winnipeggers demonstrate against the war in Afghanistan March 15, 2008

Winnipeggers demonstrate against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq March 15, 2008. Photo: Paul Graham

We are all conscripts in the war on Afghanistan. Yes, I know, we have a volunteer army. The military draft does not exist here, nor is it likely to in the foreseeable future. Whether we like it or not (and a majority of Canadians do not) we have been conscripted, a fact that should be made abundantly clear as we fill out our income tax returns.

Every bullet that finds its mark, every shell, bomb, grenade that turns a human being into hamburger and ashes was bought and paid for by someone. Canadian taxpayers have contributed $7.2 billion to this carnage, and thanks to the Tories and the Liberals, we will continue to bankroll murder for at least another three years.

Winnipeg, March 15, 2008 Antiwar Demonstration

Winnipeggers demonstrate against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, March 15, 2008. Photo: Paul Graham

As taxpayers, we share the blame for the deaths of the 8,000 plus Afghans who were killed last year. Fifteen hundred of these folks were civilians, but I’m tired of drawing these distinctions. War is murder, plain and simple. None of these people had to die, and we ought to be ashamed of our role in their deaths.

On March 13, the day our Parliament was voting on extension of Canada’s murder mission, the Independent reported on the recent deaths two women and two children who were killed in an air strike called in by the British military. This is not an isolated incident, and the victims have families who will grieve their slaughter and family members who will seek vengeance.

They have families who love them, and they have names. Here are a few of the thousands who have died hideously and needlessly in this war:

  • Sardar Muhammad Makai, 22, a male street vendor
  • Bilal Gulam Rasul, 4, a boy
  • Kaled Gulam Rasul, 6, a boy
  • Wares Gulam Rasul, 12, a boy
  • Samin Gulam Rasul, 9, a boy
  • Sukuria Rasul, 30, a mother
  • Said Mir-Said Jan, 55, a male
  • Said Mir-Said Mir, 26, a woman
  • Nazira-Said Mir, 21, a woman
  • Sofi Kasim, 39, a woman
  • Aziza-Khuja Fagir, 23, a woman

There are many more, some of whom have been remembered at The Afghan Victim Memorial Project. Visit the memorial. Imagine the children playing together; visualize young lovers and old married couples, grandparents walking with their grandchildren, young people dreaming of their future, old people looking back on their lives. Say their names out loud. Weep for them. Tell them you are sorry for the part Canadians have played in this disgusting act of imperialism.

Then get mad and do something about it!

Winnipeggers demonstrate against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

Winnipeggers demonstrate against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq March 15, 2008. Photo: Paul Graham

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