A cat named Pinky denounces America's crimes against humanity

Posted: January 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

portrait_pinky_tn.jpgThe Pinky Show is a damned cute, hand-drawn educational TV show that focuses on information and ideas that have been misrepresented, distorted, suppressed, ignored, or otherwise excluded from mainstream discussion. The main character of the show, a cat named Pinky, presents and analyzes the material in an informal, easy-to-understand way.

Are these shows for children? They could be useful in a classroom setting. However, as the creators put it: “Although the simplified visual style of the show recalls children’s programming, The Pinky Show is in fact intended for an adult audience.”

In the episode I watched, I appreciated the down to earth, factual and non-rhetorical presentation of the evidence that the American government is guilty of numerous crimes against humanity in Iraq.

Episodes are available on the internet for free at www.PinkyShow.org. Here’s the episode entitled “The Iraq War: Legal or Illegal.” Please share it widely.

  1. Gene says:

    Very interesting … and well presented indeed. I found it somewhat slow at first but then came to the conclusion that that was good since it allows time for each segment to sink in, making the horrific nature of the misdeeds even more pronounced, especially in the part dealing with specific instances of crimes against humanity.


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